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The Story Of a Professional Prostitute and The Power of God.

  • A lady who was a
    deadly professional prostitute,
    she did prostitution for a living
    and had a lot of customers
    She knew that no man will never accept her as a wife, so
    she went to a
    hospital and
    told the doctor to remove her
    womb so that she will no longer
    be coming for abortions. After some years, someone
    introduced the word of God to
    her and
    immediately, she gave her life
    to Christ and started working in
    the church and became dedicated to God.
    As time went by, one of the
    Pastors called her
    and said 'my sister, 'the Lord
    spoke to me that
    you are my wife, i want to marry you.' The
    lady smiled and said 'Brother, the
    Lord didn't tell u anything or
    maybe u
    didn't hear him clearly, go back
    cause am not even planning to marry any man.
    The man came
    back and said to her again 'the
    Lord said that u are my wife'. The
    lady smiled and narrated her
    story to him. The man still insisted
    to marry her and she told the
    Pastor, 'I don't
    have a womb, I removed it after
    several abortions', but the pastor
    still insisted, 'The Lord said u are my
    so they got married.
    Not too long after some months
    she became pregnant. The lady
    and the man went to the hospital
    were her womb was removed,
    the doctor thought she was
    for another business...but
    the lady told the doctor that 'i am pregnant and i have come to
    your hospital to
    The doctor was shocked, with
    laughter he said,
    'u told me to remove your womb, u can no longer have children'.
    but the lady told him it is the
    MERCY of GOD that she's
    pregnant. The doctor conducted a pregnancy
    test which showed that she was
    one month
    pregnant. Out of disbelief and
    tears, the
    doctor said, 'please, show me ur God,
    I want to worship Him'.
    Not too long the lady gave birth
    to a baby boy..
    that the prostitute could have a
    Therefore, I decree upon ur life
    whatsoever that has or might have damaged in your life, in
    your body,
    in your skills, your career, your
    academics, your
    business, MAY THE FAVOUR,

    Posted by Infinity on 30.10 12:29 Reply

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