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Must Read: Vows and Nemesis... Part 23

Must Read: Vows and Nemesis... Part 23

  • All through till Sunday evening, it was so
    lively with Blessing and i saw the other side
    of her, i realized she was seriously a
    generous person, she doesn’t know that
    there’s a money you can give to someone, I
    lost count of how many times we had hot fuck al through Sunday, there was no place
    in her house that we didn’t do it because at a
    time on Sunday morning her maid went to
    church, we were in the parlour and did it
    there again, on her dining table with different
    styles, It was not all by my power alone as she gave me sex enhancement drug too, it
    was from her i knew that ladies do have sex
    enhancement drugs that make them last on
    Bed. I communicated so well with my wife during
    my stay there, i didn’t hear from Helen all
    through Saturday and why will i even call her
    when i was in another enjoyment, i also
    assume she couldn’t call me all because she
    knew i would have been at home and we don’t talk over the weekend. Blessing gave
    me a Tag Huer wrist watch and a necklace
    when i was leaving her place, i seriously
    appreciated her and still reminded her of our
    deal before leaving her house. I was surprised when Helen started calling
    me on my way home on Friday evening but i
    didn’t even pick her calls. I was not ready for
    discussion as i was seriously tired. I got
    home, met my wife as she welcomed me,
    she asked about the meeting which i told her went well and we were able to seal the deal
    we went for. She requested i go and take my
    bath before settling for food, i couldn’t tell her
    i just had my bath not quite long and i wasn’t
    hungry. The kids were in school even our house help
    i was told had travelled to Oshogbo which i
    already knew about so it was me and
    madam that was home. I took little of the
    food she prepared for me, she went to take
    her bath too and came out with a skimpy short and a transparent top, there was no
    denying the fact that madam has really
    missed me, its been more than a month we
    last had sex and i was surprise she was
    making the move. I commended her food after which i kissed
    her and she responded back, i removed her
    top while kissing her, i was not ready to even
    go inside as i i already know we won’t last so
    long but as usual, my wife wouldn’t take any
    of it, i was even surprised she allowed us to be naked in the seating room, i lifted her up
    straight to the bedroom, i didn’t know what
    came over me that i wanted to turn her over
    and come from behind, guess i was thinking
    it was either Helen or Blessing, she pushed
    me to the floor and took charge, she sat on my deek and was digging real hard, i
    switched position with her after just like two
    minutes and was banging her, it didn’t take
    long before she started pleading she was
    tired but i wouldn’t take any of that, i make
    sure i was satisfied and released her after i came. Wifey: So, you want to injure me abi Me: Not really jhoor, i can’t just stop when
    have not come Wifey: I thought u used to come early before
    going on Me: Well i didn’t come early enough this time
    around, have missed you so much baby Wifey: Missed me? Are you sure? Me: Yes of course, you know i do now Wifey: How will you miss me when all those
    girls have been giving it to you regularly Me: Which girls? Wifey: As if we don’t know them, who is
    Helen? Me: (Was very surprised)……Helen? Who
    is Helen? Wifey: As if you don’t know who am talking
    about Me: I don’t know who you are talking about Wifey: How will you know when she has
    been calling you since you came back and
    even sent you a message Me: (Mogbe, my secret is in the open, what
    kind of message did this stupid girl sent to
    me now)..Are you sure its my phone Wifey: No it’s mine Me: Where is my phone? Wifey: Is where you left it in the sitting room i quickly dashed out to pick my phone, i
    checked through the it and saw missed calls
    and the message she sent to me“please am
    very sorry for what happened, it wasn’t
    intentional, please give me a chance to
    explain myself”

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