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Joke of The Day: Stupid Things girls can Do

  • Girl: Bby i want to show you
    Boy: Okay
    Girl: Can we go inside the
    Boy: Sure we can Girl: Can i off the light?
    Boy: Go on
    Girl: Can i close the windows?
    Boy: Fast
    Girl: Can i lock the door?
    Boy: Wow Immediately Girl: Am done come closer
    Boy: Here i am (this is amazing)
    Girl: I want to show you that my
    watch has light. You can use it to
    check time in night.
    If u were the boy wat would you have done?????????

    Posted by Infinity on 8.06 15:32 Reply

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  • I will rape her dere

    Posted by Tundexata on 16.06 09:42 Reply

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  • I will beat her and fuck her

    Posted by Tunde on 8.01 19:17 Reply

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